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Class Schedule  

22-23 August 2019

Introduce self. Student introductions with "one interesting fact about yourself". Issue textbooks.

Short existing knowledge assessment. Course introductions.


26-30 August 2019

Government: Pp 6-27, Forms of Government through the Constitutional Convention

Geography: Pp 16-38, Geographers' tools; The Earth in Space


3-6 September 2019

Government: Pp 32-43, The Constitution from the Constitutional Convention to a broad look at the results of multiple compromise positoins

Geography: Pp 22-33, Types of maps and charts, Latitude-Longitude plotting game, Chapter 1 assessment


9-13 September 2019

Government: Mock Constitutional Convention

Geography: Pp 43-54, Forces Shaping the Earth, Landforms and Water Resources


16-20 September 2019

Government: Article I of the Constitution and the legislative branch

Geography: Continuing Landforms and Water Resources from previous week


23-27 September 2019

Government: Conclusion of "Structure of Congress" and written assessment

Geography: Conlusion of water Resources and Water Cycle and written assessment


30 September - 4 October 2019

Government: Committee functions and process for passing bills with written assessment

Geography: Complete "Build a World" worksheet. Start discussion on Climate Regions


7-10 October 2019

Government: Assessment on legislative functions; begin Electoral College

Geography: Complete Climate Regions worksheet/assessment (in-class student presentation); Four Spheres


15-18 October 2019


Geography: World Population - population growth and movement; migration; push-pull factors


21-25 October 2019

Government: Quick review of Electoral College; start in-depth look at the structure of the Executive Branch

Geography: Open-ended discussion of pros and cons of migrations; Begin Global Cultures - definition and factors


28 October - 1 November 2019

Government: Complete Executive Branch of government with written assessment

Geography: Complete Chapter 3 Section 2, "Global Cultures"


4-8 November 2019

Government: Watch "Dave" - movie regarding application of the 25th Amendment to the Executive branch. Introduce vocabulary for the Judicial branch

Geography: Written assessment on "Cultures", Chapter 3 Section 2. Introduce ection 3, "Resources, Technology, and World Trade"


11-15 November 2019

Government: Structure of the federal judicial branch of government. Turn in vocabulary. Turn in "Dave" essay.

Geography: Complete Chapter 3 Section 3. Written assessment on 15 November.


18-22 November 2019

Government: Discuss the structure and functions of the US Supreme Court. Written Assessment on 22 November.

Geography: Introduce Chapter 4, Physical Geography of the USA and Canada. Chapter 4 vocabulary homework.


25-27 November 2019

Government: Assign roles for mock court in-class exercise. Make-up work for missing Q2 assignments.

Geography: Chapter 4 written assessment. Make-up work for missing Q2 assignments.


3-6 December 2019

Government: Mock Court

Geography: Assign Chapter 5 vocabulary. Initiate discussion on Chapter 5, History and Culture of the USA and Canada.