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Social Studies
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Lesson Plans 


March 9 -12

9th. Mon:  Finish ww2 video and lecture.  Tues:  Section breakdown pages 562-568 posters and write up.  Wed:  Present findings from section breakdown  Thur: Video on the Marshall Plan

 10th. Mon:  Practice vocab race. Charles the great.  Tue:  Board race and quiz Charles the great.  Wed:  Section breakdown pages 379-385 postser and write up.  Thur:  Present findings of breakdown.  

March 2-6th

Mon:  Movie Saving Private Ryan, Tues:  Movie Saving Private Ryan.  Wed:  Movie Saving Private Ryan, and quiz from movie.  Thur:  Section breakdown with cards and posters pages 534-540  Fri:  Present posters and section breakdown to class.  

 10th  Mon:  Section breakdown pages 364-369 Flash card breakdown present orally.  Tue:  Present video on the power of the church.  Students will answer teacher made questions from the board.  Wed:  Vocab race practice round.  Thur:  Vocab race and quiz.  Friday:  Questions from page 374 main idea questions 9-18



Feb 24-28

9th  Mon:  flash section breakdown with titles present in class p 508-515, Tue:  Operation overlord discussion and video,  Wed:  Band of Brother landing and gliders video.  Thur:  Intro movie Saving Privat Ryan.  Fri:  Movie Saving Private  Ryan.  

 10th  Mon:The students will complete a out line of Charles Martel.  Tue:  Section breakdown of Feudalism.  Titles and discussion.  Wed:  Main Idea questions pages 363 and 357  Thur:  Design a Feudalistic pyrmid.  Fri:  Video Knights Tale

Tues:  Students will work on a section breakdown from pages 500-507 posters and write up.  Wed:  Students will present materials from that breakdown.  Thur:  Teacher made questions from pages 500-518 complete in class.  Frid:  Video dunkirk



Tues:  Charlemagne  vocab pages 353-402  20 vocab words  Wed:  Family tree Charlemagne  353-357  Thur:  Section breakdown with cards pages 353-363.  Friday: video 



Feb 10-14

9th  Mon:  Board race with vocab Doolittle to Wake, then Quiz,  Tues:  Battle of the Coral Sea Notes  Wed:  Battle of Midway Notes.  Thur:  Midway Movie Clips   Frid:  board race and quiz



Mon: pages 459-463 section breakdown pictures and write up.  Tue:  Present Materials from section breakdown.  Wed:  Board race Vocab 18 words and def  Then quiz.  Thur:  Movie on the last of the Incas  Fri:  Shield battles in the Gym



 Feb 4-7

9th  Tue:  Notes on the Pacific Theater, Wake island and Midway, Wed:  The Battan Death march Notes and video  Thur:  The fall of Wake Island notes and Video  Fri:  Quiz on Notes 


Tue: Intro to Mesa Verde  slides and video  Vocab pages 441, 446, 452, 459  Wed:  Section breakdown pages 441-445  Thur: Present breakdown in class.  Fri: Quiz on vocab

Jan 27-31  

9th  Mon:  Students will breakdown the section P 491-498 Posters and write ups  Tue:  Students will present posters and discuss each section orally.  Wed:  Vocab pages 492 and 500 and 508, 8 vocab words  Thur:  Notes WW2  Wake island   Fri:  Notes Batan Death March


10th  Mon:  Nazca lines Page 246-249  Pictures and video.  Tues:  Section breakdown of Early Civilization of the Andes page 246-249  Wed:  Main Idea Questions 9-18 page 250   Thur: Intro to North American Societies  pages 441-463 Fri:  Movie



Jan 21-24 

9th  Tues: Ending 1930s depression discuss and video,  Wed:  Review pictures and games for test Prep  Thur:  Test The great Depression  Fri:  Intro to ww2


10th  Tues:  intro the the new world pages 235-250 video and landbridge  Wed: Section breakdown pages 235-240 complete and review in class.   Thur: Define 9 vocab from pages 235-250  Fri:  Vocab race and quiz

Jan 13-17

9th   Mon:  Study boards, (class activity)  Tues;  Group talk and video of the seven men of the 1930s  Wed:  Board race and quiz of the 7 men of the 1930s  Thur:  Movie America the story of us.  The great depression.  Fri:  Test the 1930s

 10th  Mon:  Board race/ Quiz on the roman empire:    Tues:  Section breakdown pages 160-165 Student discussion.    Wed:  Movie Gladiator Attacks and games  Thur:  Intro to Christainity  pages 168-172  Movie and discuss.  Fri:  Flash Back


Jan 6-10

9th  Mon:  Flash card section break down using vocab from pages 452-460  Tues:  Board race vocab pages 452-460 and quiz.  Wed:  Men and woman of interest from the 1930s  pages 452-477 breakdown with picture.  Thur:  Present findings.  Friday:  Movie on Characters from assigned section.

 10th  Mon:  New Section Rome pages 155-159  cards, student presents   Tue:  video of Crash Course Rome, questions.  Wed:  Vocab 160 discuss in class and detail section  Thur:  Board Race and quiz vocab  Fri:  Movie the fall of Rome


Jan 2-3

9th  Thur:  Finish Movie.   Fri:  page 452-460 All abre: and vocab

10th  Thur:  Intro to Rome and presentations.  Fri:  Vocab page 155 10 points

Dec 16- 20

9th  Mon:  today in history, Students will develope a list of things that they would bring if they needed to leave home during the great depressionl  Class Project,  Tue; Wed; Thur: Friday.  SUB  Movie Cinderella Man.  

10th  Mon:  Students present Shield Projects.    Tue, Wed, Thur, Friday  Movie Knights Tail Or Kingdom of Heaven



Dec 9-13

9th  Mon:  Pearl Harbor rap up, movie.  Tue:  Intro to the great depression.  Section breakdown the Great Depression students will make posters and write ups about sections.  Wed:  Students will present findings to class.   THur:  Students will take pre test for the Great Depression section.  Fri:  Flash back Friday.  

 10th  Mon:  Intro to Shield Project.  The students will have the class period with computers to Prep a powerpoint.  Tue:  Wed: Thur:  STudents will present projects to class.  Frid:  Finish projects and possible Flashback Friday.

Dec 3-6

9th. Tues:  Pearl Harbor Notes   Oklahoma and W. Virginia then video, Wed: Pearl Harbor Notes, Pennsylvania, Ward Radar. P 40,  Thur:  board race prep for test.  Fri:  Test Pearl Harbor 


Tue:  Vocab pages 134-145 Present in class.  Wed:  Section breakdown pages 134-139 picture and poster.  Thur:  Present breakdown  Fri:  Board race quiz vocab from pages 134-145


 Nov 25-27

9th:  Mon:  Movie Pearl Harbor.  Tue:  The students will take notes on the battle ships Nevada and Arizona   Wed:  Cards and a Movie

10th  Mon:  Olympic games in the hall, Tue:  Finish Olympic games   Wed:  Cards and Movie



Nov:  18-22

9th   Mon:  Board race and quiz, vocab from Friday.  Tues:  Intro to JFK the early years video  Wed: Discussion the Kennedy Family Thur:  Section breakdown pages 700-709  Frid:  Kennedy assasination

 10th  Mon:  Section Breakdown 127-133 posters and write up   Tue:  Present materials from Breakdown  Wed:  Thur: Fri   Greek Olympics  student made activity in the halls and gym



Nov 11-14

9th Mon:  Finish stock market game ( Class Board Game)  Tues:  Finish all students with game and calculate all winners.  Wed: Stock market crash, pages 418-427  The students will make posters and write ups for the section.  Thur:  Present findings.  Fri:  Stock market video 

 10th  Mon:  Finish movie on Troy.   Discuss with class.  Tue:  Vocab pages 123-134 Students will complete all vocab, Graded Wed :  section breakdown posters and discusion pages 123-126 Thur:  Present findings to class  Fri:  Vocab board race and Quiz


 Nov 4-7

9th  Mon:  Pages 376-383  Section breakdown and present Tue:  The students will finish presentations and pick groups for stock market game.  The students will produce 5000 in fake money for game.  Wed:  The students will develope a flow chart for their business plan.  Thur:  the students will practice the stock market game in class

 10th  Mon:  Section break down pages 99-103 poster and picture   Tues:  Presentations about breakdown and intro to Greeks..  Wed:  Movie Troy   Thur:  Movie Troy



Oct 28- Nov1

9th  Mon:  Vocab pages 338-362 hand all vocab in 13 points.  Tue:  Discussion and book work page 346 Al Capone  Wed:  Board Race on vocab pages 338-362  then Quiz  Thur:  Movie the Untouchables  Fri:  Movie

 10th  Mon:  Vocab pages 89 and 95 students will write down definitions and turn in materials  17 points.   Tues:  Section breakdown page 95

 98 poster and write up,  Wed:  Present info in class.   Thur:  Vocab race and quiz  Fri: Ancient flashback board game 


 Oct 21-25

9th Mon:  Students will participate in making the treaty of Versailles,  class activity, Tues:  The students will complete a section breakdown from pages 321-327 Picture and poster.  Wed:  students will present their materials.  Thur: teacher made questions for students from pages 321-327  students will review the answers during class.  Fri: Flash back Friday game.  

 10th:  Mon:  Students will breakdown the section verbally during the class period, pages 72-76.  Tues:  students will make their own sail boat and float the boat.  All students will be given materials to make a boat, it must float while holding 20 pennies.  Wed:  Judaism pages 77-82  discuss.  Thur:  Vocab pages 77-88  Frid:  Vocab race and test.  

Oct 16-18

9th. Wed:  Present section breakdown about ww1, Thurs:  Propaganda posters ww1 materials and paper provided, present to class then post Fri:  Movie all quite on the Western Front.

 10th. Wed:  Students will present section breakdown about Buddhism. Thur: Vocab page 66 and questions from page 71. Frid:  Video World religion and the results,  Student quesitons and answers


 Oct 7-10

9th  Mon:  Intro to ww1 Princip and a video, Tue:  Section breakdown p304-311 picture and poster Wed:  Present findings of Section breakdown.  Thur:  Flash back Friday.  

 10th  Mon:STudents will prepare religion boards for presentations  Tue:  Finish boards and powerpoint for Presentation, Wed: and Thur:  STudents will present each religion to the group;.

Sept 30- Oct 4

9th  Mon:  Teddy Roosevelt intro, Section break down pages, 266-273,  Tues:  Present findings of section breakdown.  Wed:  Open discussion of the Panama Canal and video.  Thur:  Teacher made questions about Teddy Roosevelt.  Hand out  Fri: Flash back Friday.  

 10th  Mon:  Intro to China , land scape and geography.   Tues:  Section break down pages 50-55, Picture and poster.  Wed:  Present findings of Section break down orally.  Thur: Orical bones project.  the class will prepare questions for the gods.  Fri:  Flash back friday



Sept 16-20

9th  Mon:  Students will make protest signs  Tue:  Video of the Homestead strike and discuss.  Wed:  Vocab pages 205-212-218 search and answer all vocab.  Thur:  Vocab race and Quiz  Fri:  Section Review ( Recalling Facts)  224   1-10

 10th  Mon:  Vocab page 29-34 Students will prep picture board and demonstrate to class.  Tue"  Boart race with vocab and quiz.  Wed:  Intro to the Nile river, video  Thur:  Vocab pages 35-44-50 written in notes.  Frid:  Indus valley discussion


Sept 9-13

9th  Mon:  Intro to unions students create a list of things that they want changed, board work.  Tues:  p212-217 Students will work in groups making protest signs.  Wed:  Section breakdown pages 212-217 Posters and write up  Thur:  Present findings.  Fri: Video Homestead strike

 10th  Pages 29-34  Vocab breakdown posters and vocab words.  Present to class,  Tues:  Section breakdown pages 29-34 Picture and write up   Wed:  Present findings of section breakdown.  Thur:  Vocab board race and quiz.  Frid:  Movie on Bagdad Batteries.  


 Sept 2-5

9th Tues:  Video America the story of us the homestead act Wed:  pages 204-210 Vocab and discuss.  Thur:  Section breakdown pages 204-210 picture and write up. Frid:  Present findings.

 10th. Tues Vocab page 19 make and discuss Wed:  Cuneiform writing tablet project.  Students will make their own cuneiform sand script with key.  Thur:  Section break down pages 19-23 Picture and presentation.  Frid:  board race vocab

Aug 26-30

10th   Mon:  Vocab presentations pages 5-18 complete and present to class.  Tues:  Caveman flash cards, 5 cards labeled after powerpoint presentation.  Wed:  Vocab race and quiz ,   Thur:  Caveman board race and quiz.   Frid:  Flashback Friday game.  

 9th  Mon:  Students will present section breakdown projects to class, pages 184-189  Tues:  Students will watch video the story of us reconstruction.   Wed: Students will define vocab words and topics from pages 184-189  15 Points,  Thur:  Board race vocab and quiz.  Friday:  Flashback Friday 



May 20-24

9/10  Mon thru Fri   :  Students will be using computers to research and complete thier final projects.  The projects will be presented all week.  



 May 13-17  

9th  Mon:  Section breakdown p 700-709  Tues:   Present materials to class.  Wed:  Cuban Missel crisis video  Thur:  Bay of pigs crisis discuss  Fri:  Quiz on Cuban Missel crisis and Bay of Pigs

 10th  Mon:  section breakdown pages 480-487  Tues:  Present findings of section breakdown  Wed:  Pages 495 - 500 verbal section break down no picturesl  Thur:  Page 502 Main idea questions 9-18  Fri:   Pirates discuss and video




May 6-10

9th  Mon:  Section breakdown  681-690  picture and write up  Tue:  Present material about breakdown  Wed:  Discussion Selma and its ramifications.   Thur:  Movie Selma   Fri: Movie Selma

 10th  Mon:  Vocab breakdown pages 471-495    Tues:  Vocab race and Test 24 questiions.  Wed:  Teacher made questions from pages 471-488 students anwer in class.  Thur:  Review the questions and anwers from 471-488   Fri: Video on Martin Luther



 April 29- May 2

Mon:  page 626  Reviewing Key terms 1-5 and Recalling Facts choose 5,   Tues:  Video McCarthy Hearings  discuss   Wed  Vocab page 630 and answer read to find out questions.  Thur:  Section breakdown pages 630-637  Fri:  Present materials.

 10th  Mon:  Secion breakdown pages 314-317 verbal page 317 questions 3-4-5   Tues: John Green video and questions 9-18 Page 318  Wed: page 471 Renaissance Section breakdown full write up  471-477  Thurs:  Present findings of breakdown.  Fri:  Renaissance video


April 23-26

9th  Tue:  Verbal section breakdown 1950s  Wed:  Vocab pages 598-603 answer questions on page 603 3-4  Thur:  section breakdown page 606-613 picture and write up.  Fri:  Present findings of breakdown.

 10th  Tues:  page 301-306 vocab 307-313 vocab  and video   Wed:  Board race and quiz vocab page 301-313  Thur:  Section breakdown pages 301-313 picture and write up.  Fri:  Present findings of breakdown


April 15-17

9th    Mon:  Space age discussion, and video   Tues:  Complete Space race questions and discussioin page 489-491  Wed:  Apollo 13 movie

10th  Mongol Empire 330-334  Video crash course and section breakdown.  Tue:  Questions from pages 334 and 343 and 347  Wed:  games



April 8-12

9th  Mon:  Setion breakdown pages 576-583 Tues:  Civil Rights in the 1950s class assignment worksheet  Wed:  Present section Breakdown  Thur:  Civil rights discussion and demonstration.  Fri:  page 583 Questions 2-3-4 all students finish and explane.


 10th  Mon:  Landscape japan and all of its wonders.  Tues:  Section breakdown with picture and write up.  Wed:  Present materials Thur:  Section breakdown verbal using cell phones pages 323-327  Frid:  Video Japan



April 1-5

9th  M on:  Movie, america the story of us  Tues:  Student made questions from pages 569-575  Wed:  Section breakdown pages 569-575  Thur:  present findings.  Fri:  Class discussion Highway systems in the us,  Eisenhower

 10th  Mon  Questions page 427   Tue:  10 wonders of Africa, present using phones.  Wed:  page 428 Main Idea questions  9-18  Thur:   Movie  Getting out of Africa Fri:  Movie 

 March 25-29

9th  Mon:  Schedules for next semester and the Marshall Plan  Tues:  Student teacher games in section 1 p 562-568  Wed:  Section breakdown pages 562-568  Thur : present findings of section breakdown.  Fri:  questions teacher made from pages 562-568


 10th   Mon:  Intro to Africa  pictures and short video  Tues:  Vocab pages 409-413 discuss in class.  Wed:  Section breakdown picture and write up pages 409-413   Thur:  present findings to the class.  Friday  Vocab race and quiz



March 19-23

9th  Tues: and Wed:  Students will be finishing the movie saving Private Ryan.  They will be writting 150 essays about the characters in the movie  Thur:  Students will read aloud their 150 word essays to class.  Fri: page 552 Reviewing Key terms 1-5 and Recalling facts 1-15 completed individually 

 10th  Tue: page 393 vocab page 398 vocab  Wed:  Section break downs all verba l393-403  Thursday: vocab race and quiz.  Fri:  150 word essay on the plaque


March 11-14

9th  Mon:  Prep for movie, discussions about Patton and the D Day invasion,  Tue:  Special equipment for invasion and discuss,  Wed-Fri  Movie Saving Private Ryan

 10th  Mon, Tues, Wed : Movie Kingdom of Heaven.  Thur:  questions about movie and work sheet, Friday Vocab race and quiz


March 4-8

9th Mon:  Video breakdown in 3 min Sections ,  Tue:  Vocab pages 524-534-542 and discuss  Wed:  Section breakdown pages 534-541 Picture and write up  Thur:  Present findings of Section breakdown,   Fri:   Board race quiz on vocab

 10th  Mon:  Page 374  Main idea questions 9-20  drop one questions a section if you work alone.  Tues:  Section breakdown the crusades 379-358  Wed:  Present findings of section breakdown  Thur:  Vocab pages 379-387  prep for board race.  Fri:  Board Race and quiz



Feb 25-March 1



9th. Mon:  Notes Battle of Midway and video,  Tues:  Movie Midway battle Wed:  Board race and Quiz. Thur:  Discuss Battle of Guadalcanal and the ramifications.  Fri:  Page 520 1-5 Reviewing Key Terms and Recalling facts page 520 1-10

10th. Mon:  Workbooks pages 119-128. Students will discuss Charlemagne Tues. Discuss gothic and roman structures with video. Home work, take pictures of the churches in town describing their structure.  Wed. section breakdown, picture and write up with presetation.  Thur: Present materials   Frid:  Quiz on Chivalry



Feb 18-21

9th. Mon:  Doolittle Raid Movie.  Tues:  Notes and Midway Movie.  Wed:  Notes and Midway Movie. Thur:  Notes in great detail using the board and picture from over head topic Midway Battle and the Battle of the Coral Sea.  Frid:  Board Race, topic Wake Island, Phil, and the Doolittle raid.  



Feb 11-15

9th Mon:  Pictures and movie about the start of ww2 in the pacific.  Tues:  section breakdown pages 508-

515  Wed:  Present findings to class about section breakdown.  Thur:  Notes the Pacific, Battan death march and battle of wake island.  Fri:  Doolittle raid movie and discussion

 10th Mon:  board race vocab from the section on the americas.  Quiz after.  Tues:  page 466 questions 11-18 completed during class

 Wed:  New subject Charlemagne pages 353-357 section break down and poster.  Thur:  Present materials from break down.  Fri:  Movie on Knight warfare.  

Feb 4-8

9th  Mon:  Intro to world war 2 discussion adolf hitler.  Tue:  Section break down ww2 section posters and write up.  Wed:  Present materials with section breakdown.  Thur:  Video invasion of Poland and the aftermath  Frid:  Movie Dunkirk.  


 10th  Mon:  Section breakdown pages 441 thru 455 Pictures and write up  Tue:  Present materials to class  Wed:  Vocab the students will complete all the vocab in section 441-465  Thur:  board race with vocab and vocab quiz,  Frid:  Flashback friday



Jan 28-Feb 1

9th  Mon:  Board Race between girls and boys, Tues:  Recalling facts page 482 1-10 review in class.  Wed:  Test 1930s   Thur:  Intro into ww2 pages 490-450  Fri:  Discussion invasion of Poland.

 10th  Mon:  Pages 446-458 general review and discuss with video,  Tues:  Students will complete vocab from pages 441-446-452-459 discuss in class  Wed:  Students will answer questions from pages 449 main idea, and page 458 Main idea questions.  Thur:  Board race and quiz vocab  Fri: Finish movie.



Jan 22 -25 


9th Tues:  Students will divide into 7 groups and present orally about the presidents men.  Wed:  Students will pick a topic from the board and create a presentation for class.  Thur:  Present creations to the larger group.  Fri:  The presidents men board race and quiz

 10th  Tues:  the class will break down in groups pages 240-243 then answer main idea questions from page 243,  Wed:  Discussion Nazca lines  pictures and video.  Thur:  The students will create their own Nazca animal and present this to the class.  Fri:  Students will answer question 9-18 on page 250 



Jan 14-18

9th  Mon, Tues. Wed: Students will be watching the movie cidnerella man.  Thur:  Quiz on the movie.  Fri:  Pre test the New Deal


 10th  Mon:  Students will complete teacher made questions from pages 173-183  Discuss in class.  Tues:  Section Breakdown full set picture and write up.  Wed:  Present findings.  Discuss the fall of Rome and its meanings. Thur:  Students will complete workbook pages 60-66  Friday: Intro to the Americas.  



Jan 7-11

9th  Intro to the New Deal,  Discussion and video  Tues:  page 481 the abbreviations list, discussion and oral presentation.  Wed:  Section breakdown pages 452- 463  write up and picture.  Thurs:  Present break downs   Fri:  Board race of abbreviations.  

 10th  Mon:  Sheild presentations.  the students have completed a 3d shield from the mediteratian area.  Tues:  Shield presentations.  Wed:  Shield presentations.  Thur:  Fall of Rome pages 173-184 Picture and write up  Fri:  Present findings of deap dive.  




Jan 3-4.  

9th. Thurs:  Vocab page 418,430,440 complete during class.  Fri:  Vocb race and test

 10th. Thurs:  Students will use school computers to make a powerpoint for up coming project. Fri:  Oral discussion on the fall of Rome and Chrisitanity. pages 168-173


Dec 17-21


9th  Mon, Tues, Wed:  Students will be particpating in a stock market game.  The goal is to keep your original investment.  Thur:  Video of the stock market crash and the great depression.  Friday:  Game Day

10th  Mon:  the Roman empire pages 155-159 vocab  Tues:  Section breakdown pages 155-159 students will answer questions from page 159 1-3  Wed:  Work books pages 55-58 complete and review in class  Thur:  Video the fall of Rome.  Friday:  Game Day


Dec 10-14

9th  Mon:  page 346-352 section breakdown students will prep lesson  Tue:  Students will present projects  Wed:  Page 352 questions answer in class, Thur:  Section Breakdown pages 353-359 Picture and presentations  Friday present breakdowns


 10th  Mon:  Review work books pages 43-52  assignment page 53-54 all questions  Tue:  Review answers page 53-54  Wed:  Project section breakdown  134-139  thru:  Present findings.  Friday:  Test Greece.


Dec 3 -7

9th. Pearl Harbor week.  Mon:  Notes on the Arizona and the Nevada, Tues:  Notes on W. Virginia, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania. Wed:  Notes, Uss Ward, Radar, discuss.  Thur:  Movie Pearl Harbor.  Friday Pearl Harbor Test

 10th Mon:  Shallow dive page 123 each student will speek of a section given by the teacher.  Tues:  Students will answer questions from pages 126 3-5 , page 133 3-5 and page 139 3-5 discuss in class.  Wed:  Teams of two will develope a ancient olympic game.  Students will use pictures and explanation of each game.  Thur:  Students will present games to students post projects on board.  Friday:  Video Troy.  



Nov 27-30

9th   Tues:  Students will compete in a vocab board race and take quiz after race.  Wed:  Jfk discussion and video  Thur:  The killing of jfk students will demontrate the vehicle and consperiacy theorys.  Fri:  Jfk quiz and discussion


 10th  Tues:  Vocab pages 123-127-134 Completed in class by Wed:  Vocab breakdown students will describe the vocab and add color to the list.  Thur:  Vocab race and quiz using the board .  Friday Greek movie


Nov 19-20

9th  Mon:  Vocab and discuss Al Capone  watch part of the untouchables   Tues:  Board race vocab and Quiz

 10th  Mon:  Vocab china , pages 104-109  answer and discuss.  Tue:  Students will build the great wall of China and demonstrate the uses in class.

Nov 12-16

9th  Mon:  Students will anwer student made questions from pages 322-326  Tues:  Students will discuss the r

 red scare and answer questions from page338 read and find out, Wed:  Section breakdown pages 338-345 complete picture and write up i class,  Thur:  Students present materials.  Fri:  Flash back Friday game

 10th  Mon:  Board race and quiz hyksos and Assyrians,  Tues: Discuss Assyrian empire and anwer questions 3-5 page 98  Wed: Persian Empire section breakdown with pictures and discriptions   Thur:  present findings of breakdown  Fri:  Video of persian empire

Nov 5-9 

9th  Mon:  page 314-319 shallow breakdown, discuss with class Tues:  Election day field trip to lecture hall discuss and do a mock vote.  Wed:  Movie the Color of Us us in ww1  Thurs:  Pages 321-327 Deep dive pictures, students will breakdown this section with illustrations.  Fri:  Students will present deep dive material

 10th  Mon:- intro to Egypt , pages 89-94 Deep dive  Tues:  Students will present materials to class.  Wed Vocab Egypt 89-94  Students will complete in class and discuss,  Thur:  Assyrians discuss with video and Shallow dive the material/ vocab  Friday:  Vocab race and quiz


Oct 29-Nov2

10th   Mon:  Section breakdown page 61-65 students will breakdown section reading and discuss, Tue:  Section breakdown page 66-71 discuss and answer questions page 71 main idea 3-5  Wed:  Seafaring traders project, Students will build cargo ships from the same materials and test how many coins that it can float winner gets treat.  Thur:  Float the boats  Friday:  Flashback friday




9th Mon:  WW1 vocab race , students will participate in a board race and the loosers will take test.  Tue:  Intro to propaganda, students will design and complete propaganda posters for ww1 section, Wed:  students will present propaganda projects to class.  Thur:  Section breakdown shallow dive ww1 p314-319  Friday: video ww1

Oct 22-26

9th  Mon:  Intro to WW1 discussion and video,  Tues: Student teacher game kahoot class participation  Wed: vocab pages 294-304 Complete in class and discuss,  Thur:  Discuss the Lusitania and video,  Frid:  Board race on vocab and quiz


 10th  Mon-Thurs:  Students will present religion projects, the projects are a combination of a class room board and power point.  45 points will be offered to each group.  Friday, Quiz on religion.  


Oct 15-19

9th  Mon:  Object understanding the section, shallow dive pages 281-287  Tues:  object, completing task page, students will complete Reviewing Key terms page 290 1-5 and answer 3 recalling facts questions.  Wed:  object, complete task on page 294  Students will define vocab page 294-301 ,  Thurs:  object, complete understanding of pages 294-301  Deep dive with picture and write up,  Frid:  present deep dive informantion

 10th week long project, objective understanding 5 different religions.  Each student group has a particular religion and those students need to prepare a bulliten board as a visual.  Also the need to provide a list of characters and rules for that religion.  The students will begin to present these boards and a 10 slide presentiation Wed-Friday.  The total points will be 45.


Oct 9-12

10th  Tues:  Object, understanding dynastys  page 50-56 Shallow dive.  Wed: Object, understanding the written section  page 56 Questions need answerd in class 9-17 Main Idea   Thur:  Object; intro to religion, Board work and video   Fri:  Object students will design and build 3d board on religion.

 9th  Tues:  Object intro to progressive movement video and discussion,  Wed:  Object, shallow dive pages 290-297 students research and discuss various sections.  Thur:  Object, complete written questons abour section page 262, 1-10  Fri:  Objective pop quiz on section



Oct 1- 4

9th. Mon:  Object discuss students heritage with map skills and last names  Tue:  Object: Students will watch a 12min movie clip and answer questions From teacher.  Wed:  Object. students will produce a poster and write up for pages 234-245 students write ups required. Thur:  Object students will present findings.

 10th. Mon:  Object, students will understand the Indus Valley using a video and slide show.  Tues: Object, Students will produce a section brakedown from pages 44-49. Poster and write up.  Wed:  object, Students will present findings of the Indus Valley section.  Thur:  Object Orical bone ritual, students will write statements to speak to the gods.  

Sept 24-28

9th.  Mon:  object:  understanding the spanish american war,  Section breakdown with posters. Tues:  Object. Oral presentation of materials,  students will present materials that they prepared to discuss the spanish american war.  Wed:  Object:  Understand Dewey's involvement in the war. Video. Thur:  Object:  Students will complete Reviewing Key Terms and Recalling facts on page 224. Friday:  Flash back


 10th. Mon:  object:  understanding vocab words from pages 29-41, students will complete all vocab from those pages,  Tues:  Object: students will review eash vocab word orally and present findings.  Wed:  object:  Board Race vocab. students will pariticate in a board race and the loosing team will take quiz.  Thur:  object:  Students will complete teacher made questions.  The students will respond in writting to teacher created questionsfrom pages 29-41.  Friday:  Object: movie on the Nile river.


Sept 17-21

9th. Mon:  Object:  introduce the industrial revolution at the turn of the century with pictures and discussion  Project:  section break down pictures and write up,  Tues:  Object:  students will show understanding of written materials  Project : Present posters,  Wed:  Video of the Pullman strike discuss what could have been done differently. Thur:  Object: deep understanding of the Homestead Strike,  Students will respond to teachers verbal Questions,  Frid:  Movie. Industrial revolution America the story of us.  


10th  Mon:  Object:  students will understand the section 5-28 and answer questions from page 24. Main Idea Quesitons 11-20. Tues:  Object Students will understand vocab from page 29.  Students will complete vocab page 29-34. Wed :  Object :  Section breakdown to understand materials from secdtion, Project Students will make posters to illustrate vocab learned.  Thur:  Object:  Understanding sectioin.  Students will complete teacher made questions and discuss in class.  Friday:  Video Hammurabi code 




Sept 10-14

9th Mon: object:  understanding mergers, Vocab page 204, 10 points, Tues:  object:  9/11 discussion and understanding, Video and class open discussion.  Wed:  Object: board race with vocab,  Students will play a classroom game with vocab and take a quiz at the end of the period.  Thur:  object:  Students will understand section 2 pages 204-211. Students will complete a shallow dive into the section with oral reports.  Friday:  object:  Flash back Friday

 10th. Mon:  object:  Understanding the development of civilizations.  Vocab page 19. Tues:  object:  understanding pages 19-23. Shallow dive with students. Wed:  object:  Showing understanding,  page 24 answer questions 11-19 review answers in class.  Thur: object understanding river valleys. in Mesopotania,  Vocab page 29. complete in class,  Friday: object:  Board race and understanding vocab.  Vocab test 20 points


 Sept 4-9

9th. Tues:  Object:  Class participation and presentation/. Project going west 10 things to brings. Wed:  

Object:  Understanding the written section, Section break down with picture and presentation,  Thur/Fri:  present materials from section breakdown on pages 196-207 


10th  Tues:  Object:  Understanding sections from page 14-23. Shallow dive pages 14-18. students will understand written material.  Wed:  Object:  Understand vocab and illustrate.  Students will complete all vocab from page 14.  Thurs:  Object Students will have a board race then quiz on vocab from pages 14 and 5:  Friday: understanding Cavemen:  students will watch a video on neolithic people and the ways of life.  Then will complete a question sheet from the video. 


Aug 26 29

9th. Mon:  Section breakdown pages 178-191. Tues:  Oral reports on Sections. 
Wed:  Oral reports on section break down.  Thur:  Vocab page 180 do at the end of the period.  Friday:  Flash back Friday Game.


10th  Mon:  Caveman cards. Tues:  Section breakdown shallow dive and vocab page 3. Wed:  Caveman board race, and Quiz. Thurs:  Video the missing link.  Friday:  Flash back 



 May 21-25   

9th  Mon:  some students will be finishing movie saving private Ryan.  Others will Prep a section breakdown  deep dive pages 562-575 with picture:   Tues:  finish movie,  present findings from deep dive.  Wed:  Section breakdown for first group  Video about the Truman Doctrine,  Thur:  Teacher made questions pages 562-575,  Friday :  review game.


10th grade     Mon:  Page 307-311  answer teacher made questions  Tue:  Vocab page 307  students will complete all vocab   Wed:  Vocab race and quiz vocab from 301 and 307   Thur:  Present finals     Friday:  Present final

May 14-18

9th. Movie Saving Private Ryan Mon thru thursday/. Quiz Thursday,  Fri:  Field trip to grave yard, flags on veterans graves.

 10th. Mon:  and   Tues:  Movie A Knights Tale,  Wed:  Byzantine Empire vocab page 301 and 307 review words. Thur:  Section break down shallow dive. page 301-306. discuss in class.  Fri:  board race vocab and quiz

May  7-11

9th.  Mon-Wed:  Students will be making World War 2 game boards.  Students will draw plan and play handmade game boards.  30 points.  Thur:  Choosing the best game.  Fri:  Set up for Saving Privat Ryan.

10th. Mon:  Shallow dive pages 413-419. Tues:  Questions page 422-427. Wed:  Packet about africa start in class and have students work in groups to complete.  Thur:  Turn in packets and review terms.  Frid:  Board race and Quiz 



 April 30- May 4

9th. Mon:  Students will complete vocab pages 524-534-542. Tues:  Deep dive page 524-535. Wed:  Present deep dive. Thur:  Board race vocab and quiz. Frid:  Questions  page 539-531

 10th.  Mon:  Present Kingdoms to class, and watch weapons video,  Tues:  New subject Africa Page 409-419 vocab. Wed:  Shalow dive pages 409-413. Thur:  Board race Vocab.  Frid:  Video Africa



April 23-27

9th. Mon: movie Patton,  Tues:  Deep dive with pictures page 500-505. Wed:  Present posters and discuss.  Thur:  Video and discuss the lend lease act.  Frid:  Flash Back

 10th.  Mon:  Movie on Europe.  Tues: Video and discuss the the Plague,  Wed:  The students will start packets from Chapter 14. Thursday:  Revew packets and hand in.  Frid:  Flash back


April 16-20

9th Mon:  Notes and picture set battle of the coral sea.  Tues:  Notes and picture set battle of Midway.  Wed:  Movie Midway. Thurs:  finish Midway Movie and compete in board race.  Fri:  Quiz Midway


10th  Mon:  Finish posters and present findings page 370-373. Tues: Page 387-392 vocab and review.  Wed:  Section breakdown pages 387-392. Thurs:  Present findings and discuss. Friday :  questions page 392 3-5   group questions 6-9. discuss in class. 


April 9-13

9th. Mon:  Notes on the Phillippines and video,  Tues:  Notes on Doolittle Raid and short video,  Wed:  Movie on Doolittle raid. Thur:  Quiz on notes board race to prep. Fri:  Flash Back

 10th Mon:  shallow dive pages 364-369 present today:  Tues Video about tournament play. Wed:  Deep dive on the power of the church pages 370-378.   Thur:  Teacher made questions from page 364-378. Frid:  Flash back


April 3 -7

9th. Tues:  Deep dive pages 493-498  Wed:  Present Deep dive to class with back drop picture. Thur:  Invasion of Poland Video and quiz,  Friday:  Dunkirk discussion and video.

 10th.  Tues:  353 357 Deep dive, students will prep up reports   Wed:  Present reports to class.  Thurs:  Answer questions from 363 and 357 discuss in class. Frid:  Board race with vocab from 353 and 359.


 March 26-28

9th Mon:  intro to WW2 Patton and vocab page 492. Tues:  Map on ww2 students make attack map. Wed:  board race ww2

10th  Mon:  Movie Kingdom of Heaven. review questions. Tues:  Movie Kingdom of Heaven quiz. Wed:  Game day


March 19-23

9th. Mon:  Test prep. students will schedule and complete notes from the board.  Tue:  Board Race prep for test thursday:  Wed:  Sub. Video. Thurs:  Test on the great depression, Fri:  Sub Video

 10th. Mon: Vocab pages 379-386.  Tues:  Shallow dive pages 379-386  Wed:  Movie Kingdom of Heaven. Thurs:  Main idea Questions pag 385. Frid:  Movie  Kingdom of Heaven


March 12-16

10th. Mon: Students will make symbols for the 18 vocab words from the america section, Tue:  Board race men vs women. Wed:  Quiz on the americas (Vocab). Thur:  Questoins from section in the section review 14 points.  Fri:  Intro Europe.


9th. Mon:  students will research 7 names of men from the admin of FDR Tues:  Students will research 6 woman from FDRs reign in office.  Wed:  Board race with the 13 names,  Thur:  Quiz with all 13 names students can study their notes.  Friday: Video of Father Charles Coughlin

March 5-9

9th. Mon:   Review 9 voc terms and present in class,  Tue:  Board Race with the 9 terms.  Wed:  Review names of 1930s works admin personal, students will look up names.   Thur:  Reveiw. names and discuss in class.   Frida:  Video TVA

 10th.   Mon:  Section breakdown shallow dive p442-445.  Tue:  Vocab from the Americas 13points due at end of period,  Wed:  Video of native american tribes,  Thurs:  Board race vocab/ Quiz. Friday:  Review questions at the end of unit


Feb 26- March 2

10th  Mon:  Discussion Ball court and movie, Tues:  Vocab pages 235, 240,246  Wed:  Questions Main Idea  9-18 review in class  Thurs:  Board race vocab  and Quiz   Frid:  Flashback Friday

 9th  Mon:  Video  discuss  Tues:  Video discuss  Wed:  conclusion of chapter 13  Students will complete questions 1-5 Reviewing Key Terms, Recalling Facts 1-6  Thurs:  Students will take 1930s Pre test.  Fri:  Flash back Friday



 Feb 20th- 23

9th. Tues:  Section breakdown deep dive page 430-436,  Wed:  present findings on the deep dive.  Thurs:  Movie Ciderella Man. Frid:  Movie Cinderella man

10th.  Tues:  Deep Dive pages 235-245 posters and write up,  Wed:  present findings on the deep dive.  Thur:  Vocab from the three sections pages 235-249. Frid:  board race. vocab and quize



Feb 12-16

9th. Mon:  finish board game and calcuate scores. Tue:  Vocab page 418 review in class. Wed:  Section breakdown pages 418 -427. Thurs:  present findings from breakdown.  Fri:  Vocab race and Test

 10th. Mon:  Vocab page 178 arnd review,  Tues:  Section breakdown pages 178-183. Wed:  present findings of breakdown. Thurs:  vocab race from two sections and vocab test. Fri:  video Pompeii


Feb 6-10

9th. Mon:  Video about the great depression, boys take vocab quiz Tues:  Start business project and make fake money Wed:  Page 372 Recalling facts 1-10 answer in class alone.  Thur:  Stock market game.  Fri:  Stock Market game


10th  Mon:  Vocab page 168, go over in class. Tues:  Section breakdown on the Rise of Christianity  Wed:  Movie on Christianity. Thur:  Present section breakdown.  Friday:  Vocab race and test 



Jan 29- Feb 3

9th. Mon:  Al Capone movie and conclusion. Tue:  Section breakdown pages 362-368 students will prepare pictures and dialog.  Wed:  present breakdowns to class.  Thur:  Questions page 372. Recalling facts. 1-10.  Frid:  Vocab quiz page 372 

 10th. Mon:  Section breakdown the Roman Empire. Tues:  Present findings,  Wed:  Video and discussion on Pax Romana Thur:  Vocab page 168 and 160.  Frid:  Board Race and Quiz vocab



Jan 22-26

10th. Mon:  Presentations shields. Tues:  Vocab page 155 complete in class and present. Wed:  Presentation shields  Thur:  Vocab race and test page 155, Frid:  Flashback Friday


9th. Mon:  The finish of presentation/ The intro to the beginning of the 1920s Tues:  Section breakdown page 346-352. Wed:  Present materials of section breakdown.  Thur:  Questions page 2-5. Fri:  Flash back Friday

Jan 16=20

9th. Tuesday:  Intro to the 1920s, Wed: Present 3d projects Thur:  Present 3d projects, Frid:  Present 3d projects

10th. Intro to Hellenistic Culture     Tues:  page 146-149. Students will make up 5 questions to stump their classmates.  Wed:  Show video of the top 7 wonders of the ancient world discuss.  Thurs:  Students will answer student made questions and discuss Friday:  Start shield presentations



Jan 8-12

9th.  Mon:  Board race and quiz vocab words ww1 Tues :  section breakdown page 321-327 posters and write up Wed :  Computers to anylize projects. Thurs:  Present section breakdown. Fri:  Flashback Friday

10th. Mon: Olympice games. Tues:  Olympic games wrap up. Wed:  Computers used for research on shield project Thur:  Shields due, and discuss the Isle of Crete.  Friday:  presentations.

 Jan 3-5


10th. Wed:  Curent event and Intro Shield project/. Thur:  Olympics, student made activity   Fri:  Olympics

9th. Wed:  Current events and intro to project 3d. Thur:  Section break down shallow dive page 314-319. Friday:  Questions 1-4 page 319

Dec 11-15

9th Mon:  Intro to ww1. Pictures and vocab pages 304 and 314. Tues:  Section breakdown page 304-311. Wed:  Movie Pearl Harbor, Thur:  Present materials for section breakdown, Friday:  Vocab race and Quiz. Pages 304-311

 10th. Mon:  Video Thermopylae. discuss the final battle for the greeks, Tue:  Students creat their own olympic event rules and scoring, Wed:  Video Troy,  Thursday:  Present olympic events to class, Friday:  Start the olympic games.


 Dec 3-8

   9th.  Mon:  Notes on Pearl Harbor/class questions. Tues:  Notes on Pearl Harbor/ Class questions/ Wed:  Notes on Pearl Harbor/ class questions. Thurs:  Board Race  Men vs Women. Pearl Harbor. Friday:  Pearl Harbor Test

 10th. Mon:  Page 123 126. Vocab page 123 and 127. Tues:  Section breakdown page 123-126 pictures and write up. Wed:  Present materials. Thur:  Board Race Vocab. Friday quiz

Nov 28- Dec 1

9th. Tue:  Limits to Progressivism. vocab and discuss, Wed:  Teacher made questions, answer in class, Thur:  Start of ww1 video. Friday:  Students will research how ww1 starts for the us.  

10th. Tues:  Shallow dive page 95-98 assyrians. Wed:  Shallow dive Persian Empire   Thursday:  Vocab and pictures for board race,  Friday: board race.

Nov 20-22

9th Mon:  Reiview of JFK death and life,  Tues:  Assasination of JFk. Wed:  Video of life and times of JFK

10th. Mon:  Nubia and the kings p.89-94. Tues:  Radiers of the lost ark fact or fiction, Wed:  Raiders



Nov 13-17

9th. Mon:  Students present projects from last week section breakdown, Tue:  Intro to the Panama Canal video. Wed:  Wed:  pages 274-279 vocab page 274 and read to find out questions. Thur:  Section breakdown Woodrow Wilson, Frid:  Present findings

 10th. Mon: Pays survey, Tues:  Page 84 questions 9-18 complete in class,  Wed:  Page 168-172 Christianity Vocab page 168,  Thur:  Section breakdown pages 168-172. Friday:  Present findings



Nov 6-10

9th Intro to Teddy Roosevelt. Mon:  Video of Roosevelts life, 3 vocab page 266, Tues:  Section break down pages 266-273, Wed:  Present findings for the section break down, Thur:  teacher made questions about the section, Friday: review aswers of the teacher made questions and flash back friday.

 10th. Religion,  Students will breakdown the 5 biggest religions in the world,  Mon:  Present boards to class. Tues:  Section breakdown  Judaism  

Wed:  present section breakdown,  Thur:  vocab page 77-82,  Friday:   board race with vocab and quiz



Oct 30 - Nov 3

9th Mon:  Discuss Progressive  agenda and what that means, Tues:  Section break down Progressives p250-257, Wed:  Present materials from section orally, Thur:  Questions page 262 Recalling facts 1-10. Friday:  Flash back

 10th  Mon:  Intro to religion, students pick a religion and prep board, Tue:  Work on boards   Wed:  Finish boards and prep power point, thurs:  computers to prep power point for class, Frid:  Present boards


Oct 23-27

9th  Mon:  Vocab page 242-250  students will complete in class and review,  Tue:  Section breakdown page 250-257 Picture Heading and write up, Wed:  Present write up, Thursday:  Board race vocab and Quiz, Friday:  Video on Progressive movement.

 10th  Mon:  Board Race Loes throu Mahabharata quiz after, Tue:  Hinduism and Buddism  page 66-71 section break down  Wed:  Present break down, Thur:  Show video and quiz off of video about Hinduism and Buddism Fri:  Flash back Friday



Oct 16-20

9th  Mon:  Intro to imigration video and 6 questions, Tue:  Page 234-239 section break down, Wed:  Present section breakdown and post, Thur:  Teacher made questions on the board answer in class.  Fri:  Flashback Friday

 10th   Mon:  P 61-65 indo europeans, vocab complete in class,  Tue:  Board race with vocab and vocab quiz,  Wed:  Section break down 3 students in each group, Thurs:  Present findings of break down, Friday:  Flash Back


Oct 10-13. 9th Tues:  Intro to Bucket list, students will write down the top 10 things they want to do in their lives, Wed:  computers, will be used to generate photos to be added to the Bucket list, Thurs, Present bucket list to class and post on board.  Friday:  Blue Ribbon Day

 10th. Tues:  Intro to River Dynasties in China, Section breakdown with picture, Wed:  Present pictures and breakdown, Thur:  orical bones project in class, Fri:  Blue Ribbon Day


Oct 2-5

Monday:  9/10  Open discussion in group form gun control in the US.  Tue: 9th Books page 218-223 Vocab page 218 and 2 questions from read and find out.   Wed:  9th  Teacher made questions from section 4 page 218-223, Thur:  Review answers from Wed, and video of Spanish American War.

Tues:  10th Planned cities of the Indus Valley  Small vocab diffinitions, and section video, Wed, Section breakdown small size 2-3 in a group, Thur:  Discuss what happened to the planned cities and how that happens through History

Sept 25-29

9th. Mon:  Students will make union demand list and post them on the board, Tues:  Students will make and present student made strike poster, Wed:  Students will watch union movie about the knights of labor.  Thur:  Section breakdown pages 212- 217. Friday:  Present findings

 10th Work area pages 35-41. Mon:  Pyramid of the nlle discussioin and video, Tue:  Section breakdown pages 35-41, students wll make posters and present all material, Wed:  Present materials about breakdown,   Thur:  teacher made questions from pages 35-41. Students will answer them in class, Friday Flash back



Sept 18-22, 2017

9th. Monday:  vocab page 204 due at the end of class,  Tues:  Section breakdown, students will break into groups and prep a section given by the teacher to present orally to the class, Wed:  Present the section breakdown to the class, Thursday:  Board race vocab for section 2 chapter 7, Friday:  Flash back Friday

10th. Mon:  Board race 24 vocab words students will participate in a board race winner takes all, Quiz following the ract, Tues: Section breakdown pages 19-23. Wed: Present section break down,  Thurs:  Students will complete questions from Chapter 1 page 24 questions 11- 20, Friday:  Flash back Friday:




Sept 11-15

9th and 10th. 9/11 memorial on monday.  

10th Tuesday:  Vocab page 14, Wed:  Section breakdown pages 14-18. Thur:  Board race vocab and Quiz, Fri:  Flashback Friday 

9th. Tuesday:  Moving west Section Breakdown. Wed, Present findings of breakdown to class, Thur:  Teacher made questions on the board, Friday:  Flash back Friday


, Typt 4-7

9th  Students starting Tuesday will be braking down the Reconstruction of the south section in thier text.  Tuesday:  Group up, picture write up and presentation prep.  Wed:  Present section break down.  Thurs:  Board Race on material from pages 184-191, Friday: Quiz   Each day the class will have current events to start the class


10th  Tues:  Flash card race and Quiz from pages 5-11  Wed:  Section breakdown page 14-18 Thur:  Present breakdowns.  Friday: Flash back Friday





May 22-26

10th  Monday:  Computers complete final project  Tues:  Section breakdown turkish empire page 314-317   Wed:  present findings,   Thurs:  Vocab all pages314-307-301  Friday:  vocab race and test

9th  Mon:  testing/ Classroom computers  Tues:  Testing Classroom computers   Wed:  current events and civil rights movement, Thur:  Flags on veterans graves and Civil rights video, Friday:  Flash back


 May 15-19

10th  Monday:  Intro to turkey, questions from cell phones, Tuesday:  Video on the Byzintine Empire, teacher made questions, Wed:  Vocab Byzentine  15points   Thur:  Board Race Vocab, Friday:  Flash back

 9th  Monday: Cuban missel crisis,  cell phone questions, Tues:  Video Cuban Crisis, Wed:  Book questions 515 all 12  Thursday:  A new age 1950s, open discussion,  Friday:  Flash back


May 8-12

10th  Mon:  Questions page 403  3-5    Tues:  page 404  Questions 9-18  Wed:  Into  to the Ottomans Empire pages 507-515  Thurs:  Vocab pages 512 and 507  Friday :  board race vocab


9th  Mon:  Section breakdown verbal  pages 576-580  Tues:  Video  Eisenhower,  Wed:  Discuss and Teacher made questions pages 576-583  Thurs:  Questions page 594  1-4 Reviewing Key terms  Questions 1-9  Recalling facts  Friday:  Movie on Ike

May 1-4

10th  Mon:  Intro to Medieval Society Page 387-392 Section breakdown  Tue:  Present findings on section breakdown, Wed:  Video  Medieval society,   Thur:  Board race vocab from section and Quiz  Fri:  Flashback

 9th  Mon:  Intro to Berlin Airlift, video and discuss,  Tues:  Section breakdown from pages 569-575  Wed:  Present findings in a oral report, Thursday :  Teacher Made questions for class,  Friday:  Flashback



 April 24-28  9th grade Movie Saving Private Ryan Mon and Tues  Wed:  book work results of ww2, class making breakdown posters, Thur:  Present findings,   Friday:  Man of the hour George C Marshal

10th grade; Mon - Wed  Kingdom of heaven, Thur:  Quiz on movie, Friday:  book work kingdoms of France.

April 18-21

9th  Tues:  Prep for movie Saving Privat Ryan, Wed:  National Cancer Soc discussion all 9th grade, Thur:  Movie Saving Private Ryan and Friday:

10th  Tues:  Crusades page 379-385, Sec bread down, Wed  Present findings Crusades, Thur  Gothic vs Roman construction, Friday Movie Kingdom of Heaven



April 10-11 

9th   Mon:  D day invasion discuss and breakdown.   Tue:  Spoons     10th  Monday:  Tournament play,  Tues:  Spons



April 3-7

10th  Mon:  Board race vocab from middle ages  Tue:  Section breakdown pages 364-369  Wed:  Present breakdown information  Thur:  Movie Knights tale  Fri:  Knights tale

9th   Mon:  Section breakdown pages 534-548  Tues:  Present findings  of section breakdown  Wed:  D day invasion  Notes and video  Thur:  Band of Brothers air drop video   Friday :  Battle of the buldge notes and discuss





March 27 - April 1

9th  Mon:  Board work, making bullet points and discuss page 508-515  Tues:  Teacher made questions 10 questions need to be answered in class.  Wed:  Guadalcanal discussion and video, Thurs:  Death camp, discussion and video  Friday:  operation overlord, discussion and plan


 10th  Mon:  Board work, Make bullet points and discuss page 358-363 discuss in class  Tues:  Teacher made questions from pages 353-363  Wed:  Vocab:  pages 353 and 358 complete in class and discuss, Thur:  Discussion Benedict and Scholastica  Friday:  Vocab race and test




March 21-24

9th Tues:  Board race then quiz on battle of Midway.  Wed:  books page 500-505 section breakdown  Thur:  Present section breakdown Fri:  Vocab pages 508-500- and Recalling facts page 520

 10th  Tuesday:  Finishing Islam page 280 Main idea questions 9-18  Wed:  Charlemagne page 353-403 Vocab and discuss  Thur:  Section breakdown page 353-357  Thur:  Read and discuss benedict and scholastica page 355. Friday:  Video on Charlemagne.


March 13-16

9th  Mon:  Schedules for next school year.  Notes on Battle of the Coral Sea, Tueday:  Notes battle of Midway and class discussion, Wed:  Movie Midway, discussion about movie,  Thursday:  Quiz Midway.

10th  Mon:  Vocab Islam page 269 and 273, Tuesday:  Teacher made questions page 269-272  Wed:  Board race vocab words from page 269/273, Thursday:  Quiz on Islam.




March 6- 10   9th Grade :     Monday:  Notes on Wake Island and Bataan Death march, Tuesday:  Present  propaganda posters and hand in notes, Wed:  Movie Doolittle Raid,   Thursday:  Quiz on Doolittle and Bataan  Friday:  Flash back friday




Feb 27- March3

10th  work pages p220-224  Mon:  Students will illustrate the migration of Africa in picture form.  Tues: Present pictures to the class, Wed:  The kingdom of Aksum Movie Thurs:  Section break down Aksum, Friday:  present information

9th This week its all about ww2 notes Monday and Tuesday students will need to keep notes in their war books. Wed:  video invasion of Poland Thursday:  Student teacher project, propaganda posters.  the students will complete poster and present on Friday


Feb 21-24

9th  Tuesday:  21 Vocab words worked in groups and posted, Wed:  Test review, team questions, Thurs:  Chapter Test The Great Depression, Friday:  Flash Back Friday


10th  Tuesday:  page 213 Vocab 7 and Movie on Africa,  Wed:  213-219  Section breakdown, Thursday:  Present findings section breakdown.  Friday:  Flash Back Friday 


Feb 13-17

9th  Section breakdown pages 464-481   Tuesday Present findings from 464-481: Wed: Board race people of the 1930s and Quiz  Thursday: Chapter test review.  Friday:  Chapter test


10th  Monday:  Section Breakdown pages 450-458 Pictures and Text, Tuesday:  Present section breakdown orally to class.  Wed: Video Aztec and Inca empire  Thur:  Teacher made questions students will have written answers of teacher made questions from the unit.  Frid:  Flash Back Friday




Feb 7-10    9th grade Tuesday: Board race and quiz New Deal, Wed:  Characters in the 1930s, students will research people from the 1930s and then present to class, Thursday:  Presentations,  Friday: Students will complete notes on 1930s Characters.

10th Pages 446-463    Tuesday:  Vocab pages 446- 463 and video   Wed:  Section breakdown pages 446-449, Thursday:  Present breakdown from pages 446 - 449, Friday: pop Quiz on Maya Kings




Jan 30- Feb3

9th  Mon-Tues Cinderella Man for all 9th grade classes.  Wed:  Quiz on the movie Ciderella man.  Thur:  Students will define all all terms about the New Deal pages 452 - 472  Friday:  Board race with those terms.


10th  New Section page 441-466  North American Societies  Mon:  page 441 intro to Mesa Verde  vocab Tues:  Video apocalypto  Wed:  Section breakdown pages 441-446 writen and preped Wed:  Present findings of section breakdown, Thursday:  Review pages 452-458 Friday:  Teacher made questions from pages 441-458  answer orally in class.  


 Jan 23- 27

9th New Unit   The Great Depression page 418 -427  Monday:  Intro with discussion and video, Tuesday:  Section breakdown  Wed:  Present Section breakdown and discuss,  Thursday:  Vocab and answer questions 3-5  Friday Quiz on vocab

10th  New Unit  The Americas  Monday:  Land bridge, discuss with video and section breakdown, Tuesday: Present Section breakdown, Wed:  Open discuss section 2 page 240-243 complete questions on page 243  3-5, Wed :  Nazca line Video and discussion Thursday:  Teacher made questions from pages 235-243 discuss answers in class, Thursday: Intro Americas project totem pole, Produce totem poles in class, Friday Present projects

Jan 17-21

9th Students will participate in a stock market game from Tuesday thru Thursday of this week.  We will have a summary of the events friday during class.  

10th  Tuesday Section breakdown the fall of the roman empire and present (173-176)  Wed:  Section breakdown Rome and the roots of Western Civilization/ and present  Thurs:  Vocab Roman empire.  Friday:  Board race and quiz Roman vocab




Jan 9- Jan 13

10th grade Monday video  Rome/  Tues thru Friday : present shield projects

9th  Monday:  Students will make money for stock market project, Tuesday thru Friday:  Present 3d projects




Jan 3- Jan 6

Tuesday : 9/10  intro to project with open discussion about materials, Wed:  Both classes will have computers to prepare powerpoint for class, Thurs:  9th  Section breakdown of the 1920s page 384-403 , 10th  book work Christianity in Rome section breakdown, Friday:  Students will present section breakdown to class.

9th project,  build a 3d object or find one,  create 5-10 pictures of project  to show it being used in time, time frame 1900-1945 , due date Tuesday January 10, 2017 

 10th grade project,   Shield project (handmade)  5-10 picture slide show ( PowerPoint), shield must be from a country that borders the Mediterranean Sea

 Dec 5-9

9th  Students will be preparing for a exam this Thursday the 8th of Dec.  Mon:  Board race men vs woman for bonus points,  Tuesday:  Video review of Pearl Harbor, Wed: Video Pearl Harbor, Thursday:  Test on Pearl Harbor, Friday: Flashback Friday


 10th  Greek Week, Students will be discussing and working through Alexander the Great, Mon:  Section break down 142-145, Tue:  Video Alexander the Great, questions from video,  Wed: Vocab and questions page 142 and 145  Thursday:  Intro new section  146-149  Section breakdown, Friday:  Questions page 150     9-18  two points each



9th  Tue:  Students will discuss and reinact the JFK assasignation, Wed:  Pearl Harbor Notes on the board discuss each ship:  Thursday:  Pearl Harbor Notes and pictures for discussion.  Friday:  Pearl Harbor attack video

10th  Tue:  Section breakdown 134-139  Wed:  Present Materials about breakdown, Thursday  Vocab page 134, Friday:  Vocab race and quiz 





9th  9th grade will participate in the discussion about the 1920s  Video,  Tuesday:  History games

10th   10th will finish movie about Troy  Mon: and Tues




Nov 14-18

9th  Monday:  Vocab race,  using vocab from page 304-314 take quiz, Tues:  Clip from all quite on the western front, Discussion  Wed:  Reshaping the world page 321-327 section breakdown, picture and write up, Thursday:  Present findings from section breakdown, Friday:  Flash back

 10th   Monday and Tuesday:  Complete class olympics and discuss.  Wed: Movie Troy   Thur:  Movie Troy  Friday Quiz on movie



Nov 7- Nov11

9th  page 304-311   Mon:  Section breakdown with poster, Tues:  Present posters and mock vote  Wed:  Vocab and questions page 304, Thurs:  Movie all Quiet on the Western front, Friday :  Movie same as Thursday


 10th  Pages 123-133  Mon:  Section breakdown with poster, Tues:  Present posters and mock election vote:  Wed:  Students will prepare Olympic games, Thurs:  and Fri:  Compete in games.



Oct 31- Nov 4

9th  Page 296 - 304  Monday:  group define vocab and act out definitions, Tues:  Section breakdown in writting page 294-304, Wed:  Present findings of section breakdown, Thursday :  discussion why countries go to war, Friday:  Video sinking of the lusitania


10th  Page 77-82  Monday:  Vocab page 77 and 5 min video ,Tues:  Section breakdown on religion complete in writting by end of period, Wed:  Present findings.  Thursday:  Vocab race and test.  Friday :  flashback friday

Oct 24-28

10th grade:  Monday:  Students will take the caste system quiz, Tues:  page 72-76 students will complet vocab on page 72 and questions on page 76, Wed:  Page 77 vocab illistrate in class, Thursday: Questions page 82, 3-5    discuss in class.  Friday Quiz on Judaism.


Monday:  Vocab and Questions page 266/ Tuesday:  Video Teddy Roosevelt/ Wed:  Section break down page 266-273/ Thursday:  Woodrow Wilsons rise to power discuss page 274-279/ Friday:  Flashback Friday




Oct 17-21

9th grade:  Monday and Tuesday  designing and presenting vocab posters/ Wed Section breakdown page 242-250 in written form/ Thursday: present findings to group.  Friday Quiz on the Progressive movement

 10th grade:  Mon:  Intro to new unit/ Video and questions /Tues:  Vocab page 61 then discuss/ Wed:  Section break down pages 61-64 in written form / Thursday:  Present findings to class and discuss/ Friday:  Quiz, vocab




Oct 11- 14

9th grade Tuesday:  page 224 Reviewing terms 1-5 and Recalling Facts 1-10 Wed:  Video, imigration and living in big cities,  Thurs:  Page 234 complete vocab 12 points.  Friday :  Flash back Friday


Tuesday:  Presentations Religion, Wed:  Presentations Religion, Thursday:  Intro to Hinduism Page 66-71 complete all vocab, Friday: Flash back Friday





Oct 3-7

9th  Election of reps and strike posters Monday,  Tuesday  paragraph on strikes gone wrong in the text, Wed Present paragraphs to the class,  Thursday Questions on strike section to be completed in class.  Friday :  Flash Back

 10th    Start of Religions of the world,  Monday:  Choose Religion and start on board,  Tuesday Complete board for class, Wed Section breakdown of each religion.  Thursday :  present boards, Friday present boards 



Sept 29-30

 10th  Mon:  Planned cities of the indus valley all vocab and questions pages 44-49 Tuesday:  Video break down of the Indus valley.  Wed:  River Dynasties of China pages 50-55 All vocab and questions.  Thursday :  Demonstration of oracle bones, student madee questions. Friday Page 56 Questions 9-19 and Critical thinking questions 4-5 Page 56

 9th  monday: Open discussion what is your heritage,  Tuesday:  Video questions on imigration,,  Wed:  Section break down pages 212-217, 

Thursday:  Present materials from section break down,  Friday:  War with Spain video:



Sept 19 -23

9th Page 205-210 section break down in groups of 2-3, Tuesday Present findings of section break down, Wed video of the in dustrial revolution, Thursday Quiz page 205-210 essay, Friday Flash back Friday.


 10th page 35-41 section break down in groups of 2-3, Tuesday present findings of section break down, Wed:  video of ancient Egypt and discuss, Thursday questions page 41 3-4-5  6-8-9, Friday: Flashback Friday





Sept 12-16

10th grade page 34 Questions 3-4-5 on Monday.  Tuesday Vocab page 35 complete during class. Wed questions 3-4-5 page 41.  Thursday sherades using vocab from page 35.  Friday : flash back friday

 9th Bucket list projects due by friday:  Mon -Wed section breakdown Thursday sherades using vocab. Friday:  Flashback Friday


9/10 section break down : Students will breakdown a section of the text and create an artist redition of that section.  Students will present all materials Tuesday.

9th grade Wed will complete all vocab on page 184.  Thursday students will take a vocab test after a class overview.  Friday flashback friday.  Students will present information on the current events over the week.

10th grade:  Wed will complete all vocab from page 5 and review materials: Thursday students will have a board race loser takes quiz:  Friday is flashback friday




9th grade   Korean War:  mon and tues discuss Mccarther and Truman.  Quiz Monday on topic video Tuesday:  State Testing Wed and Thursday, Friday Field trip to put flags on veterans graves.  

10th grade  State testing Mon and Tues;  Wed Cultural Blending pages 512-515 Section break down.  Thursday  Questions page 515 3-7 , Friday  video Safavid golden age.





May 9-14

9th  This week the students will complete two section break downs and present.  Monday they will complete page 562 to 570 picture and poster, Tuesday Present findings, Wed page 571-580 section break down complete posters, Thursday present.  Friday Quiz on Cold war.

 10th    This week students will complete the unit on the Ottoman Empire.  Monday Vocab page 507, with video Tuesday Section Breakdown with pictures and color.  Wed present breakdown of material in a oral report.  Thursday  Questions off of page 510.  Friday Quiz on the Ottoman Empire.

May 2-5

9th grade students will create posters about life in the America during ww2 Tues:  Students will present posters and orally discribe, Wed:  Students will create questions about what if during WW2 orally answer in class.  Thursday Mass production, Movie.  Friday: Flash back Friday

 10th  Section breakdown page 398-403, orally present.  Tuesday Discussion about the Great Schism class project Kingdom.  Wed Page 404 Main Idea 9-18  answer question 3 and 4 Critical Thinking, Thursday Video Guilds.  Friday Quiz page 398-403



April 25-29

9th grade students will be watching the movie Saving Private Ryan till Thursday of this week.  Following the movie all 9th grade students will be taking a test on the movie.

10th grade students will be working in their history books from page 385 up to 400.  Monday discussion about Richard the Lion heart and answer questions from page 385 3-4-5.  Tuesday Vocab from page 389, Wed  vocab race on the board with all students.  Vocab Quize Thursday using words from our current section.  Friday Intro to castle life.




April 17-22

9th grade will finish presentations about ww2 by Wed , Thursday intro D day invasion, Friday start of movie saving private Ryan.

10th grade will finish all presentations by Wed, Intro to the Crusades on Thursday, complete all vocab and questions from Crusade unit.  Friday all students will review Crusades Questions with a board game.



April 11- 14th

9th and 10th grade students will be presenting thier 3d projects concerning ww2 and or Midevil times.  The presentations will last till Thursday of this week.  Friday will have a large conclusion of the topic in each class





April 4 till 8th




9th and 10th grade students will be schedulling on Monday with a pre showing of research material.  Students will have computers Tues and Wed to complete research project.  Thursday and Friday Students will begin presentations.





March 29- April 1

9th Students will complete the following assignments for this week:  Complete a battle plan for the US during the pacific war.  Break down ww2 section in the text book.  Discuss the battle of the Leyta Gulf. Create a plan for the invasion of Africa.  The students will be responsible for a 3 d project about ww2.  The Rubric is on the board and will need to be completed in Two Weeks.


10th grade students will be discussing Vikings for the next few days.  The students will be asked oral questions about Vikings and will respond using book answers.  Students will watch a short video on Vikings Tuesday.  Wed thru Thursday students will anwer teacher made questions about Vikings.  Friday Students will build a Viking ship and float the ship..   



March 21-22 

9th grade students will be discussing the assebly line during ww2.  The students will also be introduced to thier 4th nine weeks project, saving our history.

10th grade students will be discussing weapons of the middle ages.  They will watch a video and respond to verbal questioins.   They will be introduced to their 4th nine weeks projects on weapons of the middle ages





March 14 - 18



9th grade students will be discussing the battle of the Coral Sea and Midway.  The students will be taking notes Monday - Wed of this week.  There will be a board race Thursday and a quiz on Friday.

10th grade students will be finishing the China section of their text book.  Monday and Tuesday Students will work From page 328-335 Students will complete all vocab and anwer questions from the text.  Wed:  Students will answer teacher made questions from this section.  The questions will be on the board till Moday of next week.  Thursday students will participate in a board race with classmatets.  Quiz on Friday

March 7-11

9th grade students will be working on pages 500-515.  Monday:  students will break down section 2 page 500 - 505.  Tuesday:  Students will present their findings.  Wed:  Students will discuss the bombing of Pearl Harbor ( video).  Thursday:  Students will take notes on the battle of the Coral Sea.  Friday Students will take notes on the Doolittle Raid.

10th grade students will start Chapter 12 Empires of East Asia.  Monday:  Vocab page 323 and section breakdown. Tuesday:  Present findings about section breakdown and discuss. Wed: answer teacher made questions from page323-327.  Thursday The Mongol Conquest Vocab on page 330 and section break down.  Friday:  Video on the Mongols


 Feb 28 - March 4

10th The tenth grade students are studying AFrica.  Monday Students will complete all vocab from page 413.  Tuesday all students will participate in a section breakdown from pages 413 - 419.  Wed:  Students will answer teacher made questions about the first 2 sections.  Thursday:  Students will complete a picture/written breakdown of section 3 page -427.  Friday:  Students will present thier findins.  

9th The ninth grade will be starting a new section on page 482 - 498.  Monday they will create a visual and written breakdown of the section.  Tuesday the students will present their findings.  Wed the students will complete all questions from page 498. Thursday all students will do the exercise in Critical Thinking on page 499.  Friday Show a movie on the beginning of ww2

 Feb 22- 26

9th:  All Ninth grade students will complete these assignments this week.  Monday Break down New deal names and define individual meanings.  Then tape those names on the board to the proper names.  Tuesday:  Write definitions of those names, and complete a board race and quiz.  Wed:  Chapter review of all materials about the New Deal.  Thurs:  Test on the New Deal. Friday: Flash back Friday.

 10th grade students will complete the following assignments:  Mon: Complete the section on Turks / Section breakdown  Tuesday:  The students will complete questions on Page 318 9-18.  Wed:  Section breakdown on Africa page 409- 412.  Thursday complete vocab on page 409.  Friday video of Africa.

All classes will have current events at the beginning of each class period.

Feb 1-5

9th grade students will be introduced to the New Deal.  They will complete a pretest on the subject.  The students will take notes and complete teacher made questions about the section.  Vocab quiz on friday.

10th  Students will discussing South America.  Students will complete all vocab and teacher made questions in this section.  Students will have a vocab race and quiz on Friday that covers all three sections of the 
Americas chapter




Jan 19-22 2016









9th all ninth grade students will be using the text book this week.  The lesson start from page 430-448.

Tues:  Students will be playing a vocab game in class

Wed:  Students will answer all vocab and read and find out question

Thurs:  Students will complete a section breakdown using paragraphs and pictures

Fri: The studetns will present these to the class

The 10th grade students willbe discussing the fall of the Romad empire. They will need text books and materials till Friday;

Tues:  Question game using cards

Wed:  Section breakdown using paragraphs and pictures that need to be presented to class

Thurs:  Present Materials

Friday:  Vocab quiz section 4 and 3

9th grade: 1st Objective, students will understand the events leading up to the bombing of pearl harbor.

                 2nd Objective, Students will study all ships in pearl harbor and list them in order

Tuesday-Thurday notes on battle ship row, using visual materials and board materials

Friday:  Notes on radar and midget sub action at pearl harbor.      

Monday:  all students will have a review race on the information of Pearl Harbor.

Tuesday:  Exam Pearl Harbor.

Wed:-Fri:  Movie pearl harbor with class discussion    

Up Coming projects:  3d project with 5-10 slides.  Students will create a 3d object that fits in the time frame of 1865-1945.  Students must present information and object January 4, 2016.

10th Grade:  1st Objective, students will understand material from the Greek section of ancient world history.

                    2nd Objective, students will complete vocab races and quizes that suport these sections with a 80% average or greater.

Tuesday-Wed Discusion of Greek Delian League and Pericles.

Thursday:  Answer questions from pages 134-139 with a grade average of 80%

Friday:  Quiz on the great philosopher

Monday-Wed    Alexander the Great Section break down , questions page 145    3-9

Thursday:  Questions and movie Alexander the great

Friday:  Students will present shield project 


Aug 28/29


Sept 8-11  20015


Tuesday:  Books 9/10

9th Reconstruction of the South


10th  Cave Men


Wed:  9th Section Breakdown Reconstruction (5 points)

    10th Vocab (7 Points)

Thurs:  9th vocab (5 Points)

10th  Cave Man board Race

Friday:  Quiz (9/10)  Vocab and intro section


Sept 8- Sept 12


Monday:  9th Finish section break down and presentations.

Tuesday:  9th Vocab and questions page 184

               10th present caveman projectsSept 8- Sept 12


Monday:  9th Finish section break down and presentations.

               10th Caveman projects out side



Wednesday:  9th  Vocab race and Quiz

                  10th vocab race and Quiz


Thurday:  9th Youtube video heading West

               10th Page 14-18   vocab page 14


Friday:  9th Page 196 all vocab and questions

             10th Cave man paintings  picture set and project


Sept 15-20


Monday:  9th Students will start Bucket List

              10th  Students will finish Civilization Project


Tuesday:  9th  Students will complete Bucket list in class and hang up

               10th Students will present Civilization Project


Wednesday:    9th  Moving west movie and questions

                      10th  Class discussion of the ziggurate and youtube presentation


Thursday:  9/10 Teacher generated questions on board to be answered in class and discussed


Friday:  Quiz day     9th Current events   10th Civilizations ziggurate Quiz


 Sept 22-27


Monday:  Current Events every Day

                9th Video Moving West

                 10th intro to new Section


Tuesday:  9th  Intro into new section

                10th  Vocab new section


Wednesday;  9th Vocab and answer need to know questions

                    10th Teacher Made questions on board


Thursday:  9th Teacher Made questions on the board

                 10th  Video


Friday:  Pop Quiz new section 9\10


 Sept 29 posting


Monday:  Current events all week for the first 10 min 

9th Break down paragraph Farmers Beleaguered and discuss page 213

10th Vocab page 35 terms and Names


Tuesday:  Section break down 9/10 

10th page 35-41

9th 213-217


Wed:  Vocab Race for 10th page 35/29 vocab

          9th Questions page 217 2-5

Thursday:  9th Video union strikes at the turn of the century

                10th Quiz Vocab

Friday:  9th teacher made questions page 213-217

            10th video egypt

 Oct 6-10


Monday:  9th Class elections for union rep

               10th Vocab Race and Quiz


Tuesday:  9th Break into 5 groups discuss sections on strikes/ video

                10th Planned cities on the Indus p 44-49


Wed:  9th Teacher made questions from page 212-217

           10th Main Idea Questions page 49 review in class


Thursday:  9th 218 -223 Reaching for Empire  Section break down

                 10th River Dynasties China page 50-55 section break down and vocab page 50

Friday:  9th video remember the Maine

             10th Cuniform writing project


Oct 13-17

              9th Objedtive of the week will consist of having a understanding of the events leading up to the Spanish American War and the out comes of that war.  Over the next few days the students will participate in activities that support the text.

              10th  Ojective of the week is that students understand the River Dynasties in China.  Through class discussion and section break downs of Section 4 Pages 50-55 The students will demonstrate understanding of the Materials.

Future Projects for 9/10:  Students will have a required power point to present and discuss in class

Tuesday:  9th Section Break down and class discussion pages 218-223

                10th Video Chinas rivers

Wed:  9th Video Spanish american war

          10th Section Break Down pages 50-55

Thursday:  9th Teacher made questions Section 4

                 10th Questions page 55 1-6

Friday:  Flash Back Friday 9/10


Oct 20-24


9th Students will show understanding of their new section Facing a New Order.  They will demonstrate this understanding Through the use of vocab and written questions.

10th Students will show understanding of materials presented about China.  They will be required to give answers written and vocab as proof of this knowledge.

 Future Projects:  Power Point about content area


Monday:  9th Discuss Current events and end Last section

               Questions page 224 1-5 Review Key Terms

               10th Section break down page 54-55  answer questions page 55 3-5


Tuesday:  9th Finish discussion about Spanish American War  Group work page 224  Recalling facts 10 questions

               10th  Students will work on a chapter review page 56 Main Idea quetions 9-17


Wed: 9th Class will discuss New World Order

                Vocab P 234

         10th  Open discussion about Indo Europeans   Vocab page 61


Thurs:  9th  Open discussion ( Section Break Down) page 234-239)

            10th Religion  Class will discuss the differances between Hinduism and Buddhism.


Friday:  9/10 Flash Back Friday    Class compitition


Oct 27-31

9th Students will understand the change in america because of immigration

10th Intro to World Religion, students will understand the differences and the matching characteristics of different religions in the world.


10th Power Point religion due Next week on Tuesday


Monday:  Current events for the first 10 min every day 9/10

9th Open discussion on school violence and group activities ( four ways to fix the problem)

10th  Intro to religiion, picture set of the characters of each religion and there roles


Tuesday:  9th Students will read and discuss the imigration section( Section break down)

                10th computers making a powerpoint about their select religion


Wed:  9th Finish discussion on imigration in america( section break down)

          10th Finish power points using computers in class


Thursday:  9th Quiz on Imigration

                10th 3d projects about their assigned religion, post on the board

Friday:  9/10  Flash back Friday


Nov 10- 14

9th  The Ninth grade students will be working on ww1 projects all week in class.  The assignment will have 3 large components.  1 Power point of min 10 slides with text.  2  A 3ft by 4ft Banner of subject selected.  3 an 3d object of their own creation.  The entire project will be finished Friday Nov 14th

10th The Sophmores will complete the Sea Traders section page 72-76.  They will construct a cargo boat out of the exact materials in class for a contest.  The contest will be completed Wed and the students will answer Questions off of page 76   3-5 and all vocab.  Quiz on Friday about Seafaring Traders.

Nov 17- 21


9th The Ninth grade students will be presenting thier WW1 Projects.  These Projects consist of a Power Point, Banner and 3d object.  The Presentations start Tuesday and End Friday.

10th  The 10th grade Students will Begin a new unit The Egyptian and Nubian Empires.  They will complete all Vocab from page 89-94 and answer the questions on page 94 3-5.  We will complete a section breakdown Wednesday and have a vocab race on Thursday.  Quiz on Friday.


Jan 4-9


10th  The students will be working in Greek section.  Pages 127-133   Each student will need to define all vocab on page 127 and complete all questions on page 133 by the end of the week.  The students will also be competing in the Hallway Olympics all week. in the speed hallway.  Each student has to compete in three games. 


9th  Intro to the 1920's Pages 346-352.  Section breakdown and complete all vocab and questions from this section.  The students will participate in a stockmarket game the will be completed by Friday. 

 Jan 19- 24th


9th  The Nineth grade students will be working in section 3 pages 396-403.  Tuesday through Thursday the students will complete the poster board challange. The will complete a section breakdown Wed-Thursday.  Quiz on Friday of key Concepts.  I the next few weeks the students will need to present 3d objects from 1910-1941 This will involve finding a antique or hand making one.  The students will also prepair a Power Point to explane their object. 


10th  Section 3 and 4 pages134- 145.  Tuesday students will complete all vocab from each section.  Wed we will discuss Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, Small written assignment.  You tube video Thursday Alexander the great. Quiz on Friday.  Future the students will complete a Shield project for the following week.  The Shield needs to be life size and from the Mediteranian area.  They will complete a power point and discuss present it the group



Feb 16-20th


9th   9th grade classes will complete the following concepts and work pages.  pages 464 - 471, answer all questions on page 471 by Friday and complete all vocab from page 464.  Students will participate in a board race on Tuesday to establish who will be taking the New Deal Quiz on Wednesday.  In case of a snow day all assignments due Friday will be postponed till Monday, Feb 23, 2015.


10th   10th grade classes will complete the following concepts and work pages Read pages 459-463 and discuss in class.  Complete all vocab and main idea question from page 463.  All assignments are due Friday Feb 20, 2015.  If a snow day occurs during the week assignments will due Monday Feb 23, 2015. 


March 2-6


9th grade classes will complete all notes and slides concerning the beginning of ww2.  This will start on Monday and be completed by Thursday.  The students will answer verbal questions and ingage in conversation about Poland and the results of Germany invading.  Students will participate in a small quiz on Friday.  In the next few weeks student will have to complete a interview with a person who lived during WW2, or create a 3d object that fits with the time frame.


10th  The 10th grade classes will participate in debate between Islam and Christianity.  There will be 3 teams 1st undecided, 2 team that reps Islam and 3 a team that reps Christanity.  There will be a moderator and class discussion.  The final day of the debate will be Thursday the 4th of March. Quiz on Friday.  Up coming projects Roman battle in the gym using shields to protect.


March 9-13

9th  The 9th graders will be taking notes till Thursday.  Thursday the students will play a review game to prep for a Quiz Friday.  The notes will be availible in the Study Skills classroom.  There is a project due in two weeks.  The project information will be posted on the board Wednesday and will remain till the completion of the project. 

10th  The 10th graders will be starting a new section on Page 155 ROME.  We will work in groups Monday, concept will be making a perfect government.  Tuesday: Vocab on page 155.  Wed: Section break down  Thurday: Vocab Race Friday Quiz Vocab.  Rome Project:  Build a 3d project that rep Rome:  Rules and obligations will be on the board.


March 17 - 20


9th  Project=  Iterview a person about ww2, build a 3d model, bring in a object from the era of ww2.  Students will take notes this week about the Battle of the Coral Sea and Midway.  The information will be discussed during Tuesday and Wed.  A short Midway movie will be shown on Thursday.  Quiz Friday. 

10th grade=  The 10th grade classes will be working on Rome.  The class will complete all vocab on rome in all 3 sections on Tuesday.  Wed Section Break down.  Thursday we will have a vocab race.  Friday Quiz on vocab. 


March 23-27


9th  Students will discuss and prepare Monday and Tuesday for the invasion of Normandy.    The Students will watch Saving Private Ryan for the rest of the week.  The students have a project due two weeks from Monday.  Interview with a survivor ww2 or 3d  projectd.


10th Students will complete work from the Christianity section of Rome.  Monday Section break down, Tuesday Video ancient Christanity.  Vocab race Wed, Quiz Vocab Thursday.  Friday the students will participate in flashback Fridayl


March 30- April 1


9th  Monday Students will finish the movie Saving Private Ryan.  Tuesday the Students will answer questions about the movie and discuss what happens to close out ww2.  Wednesday Today in History and discuss projects due when students return next Tuesday.


10th  Monday The fall of Rome, Students will break the section down during class.  Tuesday the students will answer random questions during class on the Fall of Rome section.  Wed current events.


April 13-16


9th All 9th grade students are completimg oral reports in class.  This will Be finished this week on Friday.  Any late reports will loose 10pts a day from the original dead line. 

10th  The 10th grade students will be Working on the concept of Vikings and their travels.  They will have in class assignments and a short video quiz.  The students will then advance to weapons of the middle ages. 


April 20-24


9th All week, the students will be working out of the American History Book:   Vocab pages 524-547, for Monday, Tueday through Thursday discuss the Marshall Plan and complete all questions from the sections 524-547.



Class will discuss Siege Weapons on Monday:  the class will complete page 374 q3-5, 369 q 3-5 vocab quiz Friday


April 27- May 1


9th  Nineth grade students will complete the following assignments:  Monday Un and cold war posters/  Section Questions from pages 566-574, Wed Discuss the Truman Doc and complete a in class assignment, Thursday YouTube video of the cold war.  Friday, flash back Friday.


10th  The tenth grade students will complete the following:  Monday, Section break down of Christianity in the middle ages, Tuesday Section question on the same topic, Wed introduce the crusades, Thursday:  The students will create a poster describing the Crusades,   Friday, Start Movie.

 May 4- May 8th


9th       The ninth grade students will be working between pages 576-582 this week.  Monday:  Section break down up to the dismissel of MCarther, Tuesday:  video the Korean War, Wed:  Vocab for the entire section, Thursday:  Vocab Race, Friday: Test on vocab, then flashback Friday

10th   The Tenth grade students will be watching Kingdom of Heaven till Wed, Thursday they will complete all vocab in the section.  Friday The students will have a vocab race then a Quiz. 


May 11- May 15

9th  Students will study the facts about the civil rights movement in the Us from 1954-1968:  Monday Section break down pages 668-672, Tuesday, Students will present breakdowns to class.  Wed Students will answer questions on page 672  2-5, Thursday movie: eye on the prize.  Firiday: Rosa Parks story

10th  Students will study the clergy during the middle ages:  Monday: Vocab page 379, Tuesday:  Section breakdown on the Inquisition.  Wed:  Main idea questions page 392:  Thursday:vocab page 393.  Friday: Vocab test pages 379 and 393.  All 10th grade students shoull have a 3d project ready for the last week of school dealing with weapons or tourcher during the middle ages


May 18-22


9th  The students will finish the civil rights movement on Monday:  Tuesday students will begin a new section Page 700 combo video and vocab Wed: Section breakdown and discussion, Thursday: JFK assasinagtion and video.  Friday Field trip Flags on veterans graves;


10th  The tenth grade students will finish the midevil section with at packet that needs to be finished in class, Tuesday:  Beginning of the Byzatine empire Section breakdown, Wed:  Answer Main Idea questions page page 306, Thursday:  Video John Greene Byzaninte, Friday:  Quiz Byzantine

May 26- May 30


9th  The Ninth grade students will enter the section about Vietnam.  Tuesday:  Students will complete a section break down, Wed Students will watch a movie about Vietnam, Thursday:  Students will answer teacher made questions about the section, Friday:  The 9th grade students will participate in flash back Friday, current event game.

10th  The Tenth grade students will finish up the Africa section:  Tuesday:  Section breakdown,   Wed:  Students will anwer teacher made questions about the section, Thursday:  Vocab race, men vs women and Friday:  Flash back Friday;   The 10th grade owes a Midevil weapon or tourcher project the beginning of the last week of school.


Current class assignment posted  for Sept 8-11 is in the top section posted Sept 8-11 2015


Oct 26-30 2015


9th grade students will be discussing Teddy Roosevelt.  

Monday:  Breakdown of Teddy in the Spanish American War-small video

Tuesday_ Section break down pages 266-271

Wed-  Teacher made questions from 266-271

Thursday  Class discussion on Taft

Fri-  Flash back Friday

10th  Students will be discussing Egyp page 89-94

Monday:  Vocab page 89

Tuesday:  Section breakdown page 89-94

Wed: Video Rameses 2 and his monument

Thur:  Teacher made questions page 89-94

Friday:  Vocab quiz

10th just finished a religion project worth 50 points


Nov 9-12 2015

9th The ninth grade students are entering ww1.  Monday:  Lecture about the Zimmerman Note and the sinking of the Lusitania.  Tuesday:  Section breakdown pages 304-311.  Wed:  the students will post their section breakdown write ups into a timeline on the board.  Thursday:  Teacher made questions about pages 304-311.

10th  The tenth grade students are entering into the greek section of our text.  Monday:  Finish video break down of Troy.  Tuesday:  Section breakdown from pages 123-126, discuss breakdown in class.  Wed:  Vocab pages 123-127 hand in and review.  Thursday Vocab race vocab then quiz.      Shield project coming up:   All 10th grade students need to make a life size replica shield of a Mediterantian power.  Due Date to be posted in a week.