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Hall of Fame 

Technology and Engineering Education Project Records


Alternate Fuel Vehicle Problem

Design a vehicle that is power by no more than two fuel sources that will travel the greatest distance possible.

Spring 2002 Robert Alexander 85ft in 14 seconds

Catapult Problem

Design a catapult that will launch a ping pong ball the furthest distance possible using the materials provided

Spring 2002 Jordan Bowen Distance = 47ft - 115 inches off center
Spring 2002 Will Willison Accuracy = 42ft - 4 inches off center - 90.5%

Tallest Tower Problem

Design the tallest tower that will support a golf ball at the top of it using the materials provided

Spring 2005 Jake Ishman 11 ft 6.5 inches tall
Spring 2003 Brad Patton 9 ft 4 inches tall
Spring 2003 Nate Smith 9 ft 3 inches tall

Bridge Problem

Spring 2005 Jake Ishman 234 lbs
Spring 2005 Dan Barbour 140 lbs
Spring 2000 Ryan Beckstein 130 lbs

Support Project

    Design and Construct a structure that will hold the most weight possible that       weighs less than an ounce, has no parallel sides and uses only the material       provided.

Spring 2000 Tim Swartz Weighed .90oz, Held 156lbs

Fixed Wing Flight   

Fall 2001 Jake Banic Distance = 63ft - 2ft off center
Fall 2001 Aaron Zane Accuracy = 48ft - 0 inches off center - 100%

Co2 Car   

Fall 2001 Eric Spurlock .684 seconds
Fall 2002 Dave Murphy .687 seconds
Fall 2015 Casey Eells .687 seconds

Fixed Route Transportation System       

Fall 2007 A.Walker, B. Barney, J. Black, T. Lapadat, K. Ludwig 12 ft in .43 seconds
Fall 2002 A.Walker, D.Alexander, T.Sabo, M.Shannon, B.Patton, D.Reynolds 12 ft in .47 seconds
Fall 2001 M.Maluk, S.Maietta, E.Spurlock, R.Spurlock 12 ft in .47 seconds

Boat Hull Project

Fall 2005 Adam Stubert Dead weight tonnage - 16 lbs
Fall 2006 Nick Bayer Dead weight tonnage - 15 lbs
Fall 2002 Richard Hovis Empty Travel Time - 1.36 seconds

Paper Rocket

Fall 2009 Josh Douglas 293 ft
Fall 2015 Casey Eells 291 ft
Fall 2009 Dave Holiga 275 ft

Crane Arm

Spring 2008 Josiah Rupert 130 lbs