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Heather Stine Staff Photo
Ms.  Heather  Stine
Special Education/ Autism Support Teacher
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Lesson Plans 

Our goal in the Autism Support Program is to provide students a program, individualized to each student's unique needs, that which will aid them in continuous progress in areas of strength and opportunities for growth. Each day students work on skills, tasks, and instructional activities that are related to IEP goals, Pennsylvania Alternative Content Standards, and increasing student independence. 


Our program includes:

1. Community Based Instruction (McDonald's, Bowling, etc).

2. Life Skills (Cooking Lessons, Social Skills, Sensory Diet)

3. Supplemental Language Arts (Reading Milestones, Edmark, Read Naturally, etc.)

4. Supplemental Mathematics (Touchmath, Go Math, etc.)

5. Supplemental Science (News 2 You, thematic units, etc.)

6. Supplemental Social Science (News 2 You)

7. Gym (General Education and Adapted)

8. Art and Music (General Education and Modified)

9. Self Management (Organizational Skills and Self Regulation)